Frank, owner

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington; Frank currently works full time as a finance and human resources manager for the US Navy. With over 16 years of active duty service, Frank plans to retire from the Navy in 2012. Upon graduation from his beloved Auburn High School, Frank set out to make a difference as a musician and vocalist touring the world with Continental Singers and the Green River Music Company. Upon completion of his touring as a full time musician, it wasn't easy leaving behind the traveling bug, so, to put food on the table AND in his tummy, Frank decided to join the US Navy in 1992. Having spent extensive time in Iceland, Japan, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong and London (just to name a few) he learned a great deal about the force of international relations which has greatly contributed to the overall theme of Joey's Beach House. With over 20 years of business and marketing experience, Frank has adjusted well to the tasks of owning a beach house, taking what once was a dream and turning it into the #1 place for people and their pets to enjoy on Washington's North Coast. When Frank isn't handling the details of Joey's, he loves enjoying time with his 2 dogs Joey and Georgie and spending time with his friends and family all over the world!

"I want people to come to Joey's Beach House and be inspired. Maybe someone visiting here will be inspired to travel more or maybe take an idea or a memory from a good book or DVD. But most importantly, I want people to come here and refresh their mind. Life is so busy, we often forget to take in the moments that enable us to concentrate on ourselves and rejuvenate the senses that are often overshadowed with our daily existence."

After being stationed in Virginia Beach for the last 6 months, Frank has become inspired to write his first fiction novel and plans to continue making Joey's Beach House a great haven for people and their pets.

Frank makes his home on Camano Island, Washington and enjoys island life with his family.
Shaunna, host of Joey's Beach House

Shaunna comes from McCall, Idaho with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Her years spent in Brookings, Oregon gave her a taste of what was to come with Joey's; living and working in a tourist location. As host of Joey's Beach House, Shaunna ensures your stay is a comfortable and memorable one, personally overseeing the check-in process as well as answering any questions you may have about the home when you arrive. When she is not wearing her "Joey Hat" you can see her out and about as a dog walker and pet sitter in the Olympia area. Her plans are to eventually open a pet boutique offering unique handmade clothing, treats and gifts designed for your favorite furry friends.