Where is Pacific Beach, Washington? The only Pacific Beach I know of is in California!
Pacific Beach, Washington is located just off of Highway 109 along Washington's Northern coastal area. It is 18 miles north of Ocean Shores and in between the new beach town of Seabrook and Moclips.
Is Joey's a waterfront property or is there a beach approach nearby?
Joey's Beach House is located high on a bluff directly behind the US Navy's Pacific Beach Resort. The resort is open only to the active duty military, military retirees,DOD civilian employees and their guests. As a guest of Joey's Beach House, you have full use of the facilities thanks to the owners active duty military affiliation. The beach approach is located about 2 blocks north of the home. It is approximately a 5 minute walk or a 1 minute drive to miles and miles of sandy beach!
Does the area have cell phone coverage?
Verizon is the only carrier that is reliable out here. With other carriers it's hit or miss. We do have a landline phone at the house for emergency and local calls. If you would like to be able to be reached on the landline phone during your stay, just ask and we will provide that number.
Pet Allergies
We've had a few people with allergies stay here and been surprised so surprised that their allergies didn't bother them as they thought. Throughout the house you will find only two rooms with carpet and a couple area rugs. These are very thoroughly vacuumed after each guests. Along with the vacuuming they are also professionally cleaned every other month. Along with this and our high level of cleaning, and the wood floors, most people are surprised to find the house no pet odors and that allergens are keep to a very minimum.
Are grocery stores available in the area or do we need to shop before we head out there?
Pacific Beach is inherently quite remote in comparison to more established destinations such as Ocean Shores. There are a few grocers in the area that have pretty much all you need for your trip but they are quite pricey. It is advised you stop in Aberdeen before trekking to Pacific Beach since Aberdeen has a better selection of items and is only 30 minutes from the house.
Do have movies, video games, board games and such? Or do we need to bring our own?
Joey's Beach House carries a very large of selection of movies (over 300 movies), Xbox 360 games, board games and puzzles. We ask that you take care of them so future guests can enjoy them. We receive new movies from the studios every 3 months and we currently have several very new releases that have just come in, including Stephen Kings "The Mist" and the recent mega-hit "Cloverfield." Future releases include "Ironman", "Sweeny Todd" and "Horton Hears a Who." If you have a favorite you might be interested in seeing, let us know at the time of your reservation and we'll see if we can get it in for you!
What do you guys provide for our furry friends?
We provide our complimentary Pet Spa Package which includes towels, sheets for the furniture, dog treats, poo bags and a 16oz bottle of Earthbath Shampoo.  We do not provide bed linens, beds, dog dishes or kennels as these can be very personal to your pet and can vary widely as far as size and weight of your pet.
Your prices are quite high. Do you offer discounts?
We've based our prices on what other fine establishments in the area were charging for a luxury and high end dwelling that included availability for pets. After a great deal of research, we discovered NO ONE had any of the things we offered! Since Joey's is more of an "experience" than a beach home, we really had to model our pricing on just the basics and found we offered quite a bit more in comparison to so many others. To keep the integrity of establishing Joey's as a "luxury" rental, the demographic reaches folks who enjoy the finer things, which Joey's most certainly delivers! As far as discounts, we feel the product speaks for itself in its advertising and through the word of mouth of our customers. Hence, we do not offer last minute discounts or the like. We do, however, offer great seasonal specials throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list for news on these great deals.
Why do you charge a $10 pet fee?
We love having your pets at Joey's Beach House and we pride ourselves on being the only true luxury vacation home that allows them. In keeping with the luxurious integrity of the home, the $10 pet fee maintains quality and accountability to our guests and all of our future guests. The pet fee of $10 is minimal and is only charged during the days you stay. Aside from that, our weekly rates include pet rent up to 2 pets and we conduct specials throughout the year that offer great deals for our furry friends.
Why do you charge a cleaning fee when hotels don't?
Our cleaning fee is paramount in maintaining a strict integrity with every guest that stays at Joey's. The cleaning fee is also used as compensation for our host who thoroughly cleans, stocks and stages the home prior to your arrival. Although hotels integrate this as part of their nightly rates, we separate this out as you only pay for one cleaning no matter your length of stay.
Why do you require your guests to clean the home prior to departure?
We keep our cleaning fees at a modest rate and require that the home is left in "relatively" the same condition as when you arrived, prior to your departure.
Do you have souvenirs?
T-shirts, ball caps, book bags, doggie shirts, gift baskets, coffee mugs and gourmet doggie treats are on the agenda in the next few months. Be looking on the website for our new "Joey's Store" which will feature these items.
Do you have other vacation home rentals?
Joey's Beach House is currently the only rental we manage at the moment. However, Joey's is truly, "just the beginning" of something bigger and bolder! As Joey's grows in popularity our vision is to create a rental pool of several luxury homes available throughout the Northwest over the next 10 years. Some will be owned by us and some by others. If you'd like more information on our vacation rental services and marketing, email us at info@joeysbeachhouse.com
Pacific Beach looks awfully familiar. Do you know if it's been in a movie?
It's been only recently that we've discovered a very famous actor once stayed in Pacific Beach during the filming of his very last movie. That famous person being John Wayne! The movie is "McQ" and it is actually a pretty good movie considering John Wayne was mostly noted for his western movies. Towards the end of the film you can see the Washington coast displayed beautifully in several scenes. The climatic ending shows a very detailed shot of Analyde Gap which is a very short walk from Joey's Beach House! The ending of the film also shows the beach community of Moclips in the background which is only 3 miles from Pacific Beach. "McQ" will soon be available for viewing in our DVD library!
How do you keep a beautiful home like that looking so new with it being a pet rental?
Our host is a true magician!  We're amazed at her deft ability in presenting a sparkling and classy contemporary home for every guest that walks through at check-in. If you have a beach home that needs the "royal" treatment, give us a call!
Is Joey's a good place for families? Most importantly, children.
Joey's is located in a brand new community (most homes completed in 2006 and thereafter) of houses and chalets. About half of the residents are full time and the rest are vacation rentals. Thanks to the community being located just off the main road and it's quiet location, it's a great area for kids and pets to play! Please be mindful of your children and pets and obey all posted traffic signs within the community.
My friends who stayed there were blown away by the beds, where did they come from?
Our beds are getting A LOT of attention! We acquired our beds from Stearns and Foster and Sealy! The furnishings come from Bassett Furniture Direct with a few special pieces acquired from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.
Your house is gorgeous! Who designed it? Is the designer local?
James Chism and myself (Frank) designed the entire home. It took us just over 7 months from start to finish. We do offer design services and we are continuously working on building our portfolio. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact (206) 607-7521.
What a beautiful dog! Is Joey a boy or a girl?
Joey is a 4 year old purebred flashy brindle who likes to think she's a boy but in all truthfulness, she's as feminine as they come! We call her the princess because she certainly lives up to the title.  She has her own beach house for cryin out loud!
Are you guys associated with a business chamber?
Yes, we are!  We belong the Ocean Shores Chamber of Commerce and have been with them since May of 2007. For information on our affiliation go to www.oceanshores.org or contact Leslie Reedy at (360) 289-2451
Do you guys do charity work?
We are excited to be a sponsor of the 2008 Winter Pineapple Classic held in Seattle, WA November 16, 2008.  The Winter Pineapple Classic is a 5k run with obstacles along the course  followed by a Hawaiian luau. The 5K course challenges teams to navigate a series of obstacles and physical challenges that participants will not know until race day. All proceeds go toward the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's mission to fund cancer research and assist patients and families fighting Leukemia and other blood cancers.
Why aren't there many beach homes for people to bring their pets?
Good question! Throughout our travels, we've found it most challenging finding appropriate accommodations for us and our dogs. Joey's was bourne out of the reality that pet friendly accommodations just don't exist! However, that is changing! A lot more pet friendly vacation homes have popped up over just the last year since we opened and we've encouraged others who own vacation homes to offer them for pet lovers.